Sharing Your COVID Story

You Are Not Alone

The pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted our lives in various ways. Memento Alive is dedicated to helping you share your story: 

Health Care Providers

As our battle against the novel coronavirus rages on, there's no doubt  that among the many, are the great heroes working on the front lines of the healthcare industry. Some making everyday sacrifices. No one can speak to that experience but you. Let us give you the platform to share your voice.

Person Who Has Lost Someone

Many people will experience the death of a loved one from the coronavirus.  Let us memorialize your family member, allowing you and your family to share their life's legacy.

Service Worker

We understand that being a service worker during the pandemic has been challenging.  If you serve or have served in the restaurant, hotel, child care service, retail trade or transportation services and have survived life changing events, let us assist you in creating a keepsake of your journey.

Business Owner...Business Legacy

The pain and uncertainty the coronavirus inflicts on business owners is staggering and likely substantial as business owners have been forced to take drastic steps to continue operating. Let us build a visual library of new business practices, safety measures, or sustain your business archives with a legacy of how your business persevered.


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