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Passionate Enough to Share Your Stories

As we think about how prevalent stories are in our lives, let’s walk through the history of storytelling.  From ancient history to the present day, storytelling has been a part of life.  Everyone told stories, scribes and priests told stories of religious affairs, and leaders told heroic tales of their adventures.  The oldest representation of storytelling dates nearly 36,000 years, to visual storytelling in Egyptian culture formed in the art of hieroglyphics from as early as 3,000 b.c.  Everyday events became a platform for storytelling.  It's how people communicated. 


The purpose of storytelling is to share stories that unite us. Regardless of our culture, stories bring us together and bridge the gaps among us. The power of storytelling transforms our lives. Stories shared from generation to generation carry the power of enduring values and life lessons. 

These stories whether personal or business are legacies, central to human cognition and communication. We engage with others through stories, and storytelling is a lot more than just a recitation of facts and events.  Stories of our passions, fears, strengths, hardships, failures, successes all are experiences shaped by what or where we've ventured throughout life.  These stories connect us conveying meaning and purpose that help us understand ourselves better and find commonality with others.

Capturing a life story is more than story-telling, it's a chance to pass along wisdom and life lessons through the art of preservation. It gives you an opportunity to exercise your memory, unveil your journals and writings, organize family or business photos, and discover the events that are still impacting your life. Photographs, writings, and memories can fade over time, however deciding to document and preserve historical facts will strengthen family bonds, friendships, and business relationships to retain a lasting legacy for years to come.

Memento Alive will partner with you to preserve your personal and business legacies.  Reflecting on those experiences will enable you to attain a dual sense of accomplishment and closure as it frees you to focus on your life now and your goals for the future.